What is Freelancing and how to start in 2023?

What is Freelancing and How to start in 2023

What is Freelancing and How to start in 2023. You must heard about freelancing and wonder how people are earning millions from it.

Freelancing simply means earn from a skill.

I started freelancing as app developer in 2019 by finding my very first client from Facebook. Then expanded my network and enhanced my skills further more and not limited to the app development.

In my experience freelancing is sweet tip and a side and flexible earning if you know how to do it. Recently I appeared on some news channel by promoting Free IT Courses for Flood Victims campaign in Sindh, Pakistan. I received almost 2k messages on my WhatsApp and I was shocked the people of Pakistan are still unaware of the freelancing and asking such childish questions!.

So I decided to create some guiding videos for them because most of the influencers and YouTubers in Pakistan are miss guiding our youth about freelancing and selling their costly courses for their businesses only. So people are keep wasting their money and most importantly their time. I think that’s not fair play so I decided to open a free IT school at rural remote areas across Sindh so that those people who are getting scammed can be saved.

What is Freelancing and how to start?

Freelancing means earning from a skill. It can be online or on site . We are doing freelancing since very first age of human race it’s not the new or alien type thing! The only difference is that can be done digitally now.

How to start freelancing or online earning?

Choose one of the top selling freelancing skills which can be sell online. But I will suggest that choose a skill which suits you and your ability better because that’s what you will do best.

You can start from:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Virtual Assistance
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Drop Shipping
  • Graphics and UI/UX designing
  • App/Web Development

These are some easy to hard skills and highly paid in 2023!.

You are in look that we have started most of these courses for free in our ITcians app download it learn for free.

Check out full video about Freelancing in 2023


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