How to start with Fiverr like a Pro

How to start freelancing with Fiverr like a pro
How to start freelancing with Fiverr like a pro

Are you keep listening the gossips of your friends or on social media about online earning or freelancing with Fiverr???

Then this article will definitely help you to get started!

What is Fiverr and why you should go for it?

Fiverr is one the top trending freelancing market place where you can write gigs and clients will reach you out for paid contract based jobs. Fiverr is one of the reliable and easy to start in freelancing because it provides clients to you yes! you don’t need to reach out with clients you just need to maintain your account rankings to be on good stand in the market.

How to Start?

You can start by choosing a skill set. There are many freelancing skills you can easily learn online and start with. Just go to Fiverr and browse the categories and pros in those categories.

Start with Fiverr like a Pro

Many beginners makes a mistake on fiverr while creating an account!. Yes its simple but if you want to go as pro then you have to act like a pro!.

Steps to consider:

  • Choose a skill first to start on Fiverr
  • Choose a username relevant to your skills like abul_ui_designer (Optional but recommended)
  • Get verified first
  • Create catchy description using ChatGPT
  • Attempt tests and paid certificate from Fiverr
  • Create a catchy gig using ChatGPT.
  • Create thumbnails using Canva for free.

I have started make step by step tutorials on my YouTube Channel . You can start there like a pro freelancing at Fiverr All the best!

For more tips and tutorials checkout my blogs here


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