Kalam Ai

Your social media Ai bot for free

About Kalam Ai Kalam Ai an app to design professional social media status and posts for regular basis. The app is free to download and contains ads for now. The app is totally focused on simplicity and easy to use for automate the design of your social media posts and stories at regular basis. App Features  These features are released in early version of app which you can use. Emphasising (colouring) the words Add image in background with blur and opacity Show your profile tag with verification badges. Change text and styling. Create your own profile Share designed post with any app. These are early version's features soon we will be actively adding interactive and time saving features. Idea of App We developed this app because we were facing time shortage for designing social media posts or status for our own profiles according to context so we thought lets save our time be developing a customised app. Now we realise…
FIT MAMA an app for Mums to be healthy

FIT MAMA an app for Mums to be healthy

FIT MAMA: Fitness App for Mums android & IOS app FIT MAMA Powered by Mari Carmen Fitness, an app that is NOT just another fitness app for the mums. Train at home or in the gym with Mari-Carmen, a leading women’s fitness trainer.Get the support and expert advice you need to get the results you want.FIT MAMA Powered by Mari Carmen Fitness offers a range of programs and workouts to suit all abilities. Workouts that are designed to push you that little further and give you variety, including:• HIIT• Strength• Pilates• Yoga• Barre• Weight Training• Cardio I was the leading app developer on this project with 12 members of team at Geeksroot. My core responsibilities were to design , develop and maintain the mobile app.I used Flutter for cross-platform mobile apps , Google Cloud platform and some other third party APIs to achieve such a great app development with success. You can learn from my experience below. The project which…
Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye: Your Ultimate Android Malware Scanner and Spam Detector

https://youtube.com/shorts/pnTjNc1qC-M?feature=share Eagle Eye: Your Ultimate Android Malware Scanner and Spam Detector In today's digital world, where threats lurk behind every corner, ensuring the security of your Android device is paramount. Introducing Eagle Eye, the all-in-one solution that protects your smartphone from malware, hidden threats, and even detects spam emails. We'll explore the powerful features of Eagle Eye and how it can safeguard your device, providing you with peace of mind and a secure mobile experience. Unveiling the Power of Eagle Eye Highlighting the importance of mobile security in the current landscape. Eagle Eye as a comprehensive Android malware scanner and spam detector. Scan hidden apps and their hidden permissions. Unmasking Hidden Threats Significance of hidden threats and how they can compromise your device. Eagle Eye excels in scanning installed apps, even those hidden from menus. The ability to uncover hidden app permissions, giving users complete control over their privacy. Real-Time Protection The proactive nature of Eagle Eye's real-time scanner for…
Currency Detector

How to make currency detector android app with Java 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUEmbWUSEqY How to make currency detector android app with Java  How to make currency detector android app with Java  This app is made for visually impaired people to Detect Pakistani Currency note values also if the currency note is not properly visible in camera then app will speak for navigations. Once the note appears properly in camera then image is auto captured and results will be spoken out by Text To Speech engine on android. This app was one of my first project in Freelance that I have developed in my career so the coding styling and logics are very poor but you can have an Idea about it. I used OCR to detect texts on currency note and compared with the data simply to achieve this. Technologies Used Java Android Studio OCR Download Source Code from Github. More projects can be found here.
Tennis App

A Tennis app made with Flutter

A Tennis app made with Flutter. An app to book a time slot for tennis courts with real time push notifications and email alerts. Tennis App Description The app were developed for android and IOS using Flutter. It has an admin and customer login where admin can add tennis courts and its details also they can cancel/approve any booking made by a customer. Realtime notifications and email alerts are made to directly admin and users to notify who booked the time slot for the playing tennis. App Features (Admin) Login and reset passwords Able to receive/Send notifications and emails to their customers Able to add/update/view/delete a tennis court. Able to cancel/reject a booking. Personalised profile for admin. App Features (Customers) Can Sign up , login and reset passwords Personalised Profiles Push notifications Tennis court booking with respect to time slot Cancel booking View bookings Technical Details of Tennis App App were developed using Flutter and designed with Figma. This project…
Cloud Mate: A Photo sharing Flutter app

Cloud Mate: A Photo sharing Flutter app

What is Cloud Mate? Your Cloud Mate is here if you are the photographer in your friend's circle ? You must had a problem when your friends asked you to share their pictures individually?Don't worry! Cloud Mate gives you an opportunity to capture/share images and videos with your friends without huge efforts and even the same quality of your camera also without saving on your device! Cloud Mate: A Photo sharing Flutter app About Cloud Mate App This app is made with Flutter and Getx for state management. I made this project for client for while doing remote freelancing. It took 15days to complete this app on my own. App is available on Google Play Store. It's also configured and tested on IOS too. I developed this app using Flutter and MVC coding pattern using Getx which brought me a very smooth experience. This app is backed by FIrebase cloud to store data and media files uploaded by users. The…
Android Smart Keyboard App JASIK (Just a Smart Intelligent Keyboard)

Custom Android Smart Keyboard App made by Abul Kalam

Android Smart Keyboard App JASIK (Just a Smart Intelligent Keyboard) Have you forgot any event or hangout ? Or have you forgot something to buy which your wife's said in a text ? We are all same bro 😅. So I decided to develop Android Smart Keyboard App with Java which reminds me automatically for such events So I made a keyboard which can sense such type of text you type while chatting with anyone in any app! Suppose your are chatting with your boss and he/she says Don't be late for the business meeting with investor at Pearl Continental hotel around 11am. And you be like Absolutely boss I will be at Pearl Continental hotel before 11am tomorrow! Then the app will sense that message you have send and it will set reminder before 1/2 of actual time or custom can be set in the setting and also location based alarm. YEAH here is the most amazing part of…