Pakistani Currency Detector Android App

currency detector app
currency detector app

Currency detector android app (Native Java)

Currency detector android app

My First App in Freelancing Career

The currency detector android app is made for android platform using programming language Java. This was my first paid project as a freelancer. I started freelancing in Dec-2019. This was my first app for a client I have found from the facebook and got paid just a small amount but it was worth it! Because it was my first experience as a freelancer.

Do you know the most amazing part of it ? That I didn’t got scammed like other freelancers who started from unauthenticated platforms.

Enough about me let’s talk about this app now:

App Description

This app is for visually impaired people who have natural problem in identifying objects or unable to see objects. So this app is voice activated and text to speech integrated. Which means you can tap on screen and it will open the camera and look for a currency note. If camera can’t find any currency then it will speak can’t see move camera around so that I can see the note. Once currency is detected it will guide move little up or hold the note so that app can take a shot. When it captures the image and speak the results which is the value of the currency like 1000 Rupees.


  • Speech to text
  • OCR and landmark detection
  • Image capturing
  • Currency detection with a small dataset.

Unfortunately the app can’t differentiate the fake or real currency because that wasn’t the requirement and I didn’t done that either :).

Check app in action below 👇

Pakistani Rupee currency detector android app with Java

You can find more projects on my website and on ITcians website.

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  1. shahzaib khan

    May Allah make you more successful. Good job bro

  2. Julius Ashley

    Amazing! Keep it up Bro!

  3. Rahmat panhyar

    we pray you sir success and Grow high level complete all targate 🙏

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