Running Low on Storage on your MacBook? Try this ultimate solution

A Comprehensive Guide to avoid Storage issues on laptops and Boosting Performance and Reliability Generate image like this from Kalam Ai Android App. It's a free app to create professional and authentic images like this. App is available to download at: Play Store MacBook Storage Issues Are you grappling with storage issues on your MacBook, particularly if you're using the powerful M1 or M2 chip? Many users have encountered challenges when it comes to external SSDs, including excessive heat, slow performance, and data corruption. Fear not! This article delves into a game-changing solution that not only addresses these problems but elevates your MacBook's storage experience – the Samsung T7 SSD. I m sharing my personal experience as a Senior Mobile App Developer! Understanding MacBook Storage Challenges In this section, we'll explore common storage issues faced by MacBook users, especially those using the M1 chip. Problems such as limited internal storage, if buy M1 or M2 chip with huge storage then…
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Your social media Ai bot for free

About Kalam Ai Kalam Ai an app to design professional social media status and posts for regular basis. The app is free to download and contains ads for now. The app is totally focused on simplicity and easy to use for automate the design of your social media posts and stories at regular basis. App Features  These features are released in early version of app which you can use. Emphasising (colouring) the words Add image in background with blur and opacity Show your profile tag with verification badges. Change text and styling. Create your own profile Share designed post with any app. These are early version's features soon we will be actively adding interactive and time saving features. Idea of App We developed this app because we were facing time shortage for designing social media posts or status for our own profiles according to context so we thought lets save our time be developing a customised app. Now we realise…

2024 is one of the most Important Year

2024 is an important year Why 2024 is going to be important because In 2023 everyone found how depended their freedom is on specific countries and products, which controls their minds, money and lives. Many countries and entrepreneurs have realised that how their business and minds can be controlled with one single thread. Now most of the countries are planning their financial freedom so that they can defend themselves from invisible threads and unfortunate events, specially in economy because it's centralised and controlled by the international banks, their reserve aren't their reserved anymore. International Economical Plan of 2024 Those who have realised that they are being controlled by an organisation called Matrix as Andrew Tate defines, I don't know that they call themselves but many people have understood that they are enslaved by some sort of organisations or the societies. The year 2024 is going to be most important year because in this year the global economy will be unstable…

How to solve: Error (Xcode): Flutter failed to write to a file

I wasted two days of mine to resolve this issue which occurs when you build IOS from flutter project. Error Xcode: Flutter failed to write to a file Error (Xcode): Flutter failed to write to a file at “~/2/build/ios/Release-iphoneos/.last_build_id”. This issue occurs due because cache and versions mismatch in dependencies while overriding a project from other systems. I resolved issue from this answer on Stackoverflow. Solution You can resolve it with following steps: Update your Xcode project build option ENABLE_USER_SCRIPT_SANDBOXING to 'No'. Because it will stop executing your user scripting before building project which causes this problem. The mismatch versions of your user/system causes this error. Thanks to Pratik.Follow me on Medium. For tips checkout my blogs here
Empathy in Action: Quran Recitation for Palestinian Children in Gaza

Empathy in Action: Quran Recitation for Palestinian Children in Gaza

Empathy in Action: Quran Recitation for Palestinian Children in Gaza Quran Recitation from the children for the children of war! I know it's nothing but the best we could was to arrange Quran Recitation and food offering after Friday prayer from children of Madarasa in Thar Parkar , Sindh Pakistan for martyred children in gaza. May Allah accept our prayers and efforts. Give hand to who is fallen , Share food when you can afford , Offer prayers who you can't help but don't ignore the Humanity of any race! This is how we are going to make difference and that's how we will create peace. Be helping hand when you have nothing and be a shelter/home when you have everything I encourage all of you brothers and sisters that keep praying for the peace and let Allah decide what's the best. #gazaunderattack #genocide #palestineunderattack #childrensrights #gazabombing #gazastrip #israelpalestinewar #israeliterrorism #humanity

How to do web scraping with Flutter

How to do web scraping with Flutter In the realm of digital innovation, web scraping or web crawler has emerged as a powerful tool, revolutionising the way we access and analyse data. In this article, we are exploring its application in the context of the National Football League (NFL) and shedding light on a pioneering Flutter app that harnesses this technology to provide users with a unique and immersive NFL experience. The Essence of Web Scraping: Its essence, is the automated extraction of data from websites. It enables the retrieval of valuable information, transforming raw data into structured and meaningful insights. In the context of sports, web scraping allows enthusiasts to access real-time scores, player statistics, and other pertinent details without the need for manual data entry. Bridging the Gap in Flutter:  By leveraging this technology, This app scrapes data from various NFL sources, aggregating a comprehensive repository of information. This includes only super bowl history for now just to…
What is Server and how it works?

What is Server and how it works?

What is Server and how it works? Servers and networks are essential components of modern computing. They allow us to connect our devices to each other and share resources. A server is a computer that provides services to other computers, called clients. Servers can be used for a variety of purposes, such as storing files, hosting websites, or running applications. Networks are groups of interconnected devices. Networks can be small, such as a home network with a few computers and printers, or large, such as the Internet, which connects billions of devices around the world. There are many different types of servers and networks. Some of the most common types include: File servers: Store files and make them accessible to other users on the network. Web servers: Host websites and make them accessible to users on the Internet. Mail servers: Send and receive email messages. Application servers: Host and run applications, such as database servers, application servers, and web servers. Some of the most…