2024 is one of the most Important Year

2024 is an important year

Why 2024 is going to be important because In 2023 everyone found how depended their freedom is on specific countries and products, which controls their minds, money and lives. Many countries and entrepreneurs have realised that how their business and minds can be controlled with one single thread. Now most of the countries are planning their financial freedom so that they can defend themselves from invisible threads and unfortunate events, specially in economy because it’s centralised and controlled by the international banks, their reserve aren’t their reserved anymore.

International Economical Plan of 2024

Those who have realised that they are being controlled by an organisation called Matrix as Andrew Tate defines, I don’t know that they call themselves but many people have understood that they are enslaved by some sort of organisations or the societies. The year 2024 is going to be most important year because in this year the global economy will be unstable and crypto will rise beyond to the clouds! Also there will be more decentralised technology will be joining this year. The entrepreneurs will play huge part in it because they will turn the table upside down with their extraordinary mindsets and innovations. In this year the world will see wonders of technology which someone may have dreamed off one day!.


  • The Artificial Intelligence will play huge role and will change the face of the world totally. Don’t worry it won’t replace you! Because we are the creators of AI. The AI was game changer in tech industry of 2023 which will boost the AI products and solutions in the market of 2024.
  • Decentralised technology Blockchain will play an important role with tech industries and global economy.
  • Chain of command will be broken! No matter it’s the government or an organisation the chain of command will be broken forever because of independency and rights of every human even the psychopaths.
  • Global Warming and weather control experiments. They will turn the table upside down of climate the desert will be green and green will be the desert. The weather of 2024 will be unstable as the global economy.
  • 2024 is the year of mission of the mars which is going to be a failure and it will cause economy downfall.

These prediction are made by me only, I know I m not an expert in that but these are just the thoughts cause I m not a philosopher!.

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