How to choose app theme using Material Design colour scheme

How to choose app theme using Material Design colour scheme

In this article I will explain 5 important tips in UI/UX designing using Material Designing. We are using Figma tool for designing a UI and we are using Google's material designing research to create a beautiful UI for our future clients so that we get paid in handsome amount. How to choose app theme First you need to identify your app's logic or the solution which your app is providing. Like if you are building a social media platform for fun then Green , Yellow and Blue colours are the best because Green means growth , blue means Connectivity | Cool and Yellow means Fun.You can learn about colour psychology in my lecture below: How to choose app colour theme Material Design colour scheme Material design says that you need to use at least one primary colour for all major UI components and second neutral colour for your surface and backgrounds. At minimum you need to use two colours…
Freelancing with Amazon , Fiverr

Freelancing with Amazon and Fiverr using ChatGPT

I have started to teach online in Zoom class for now about businesses with Amazon , Fiverr and Freelancing.In order to insure quality and management I m going to update ITcians android app so what you guys can receive classes schedule and informations on the time. Business with Amazon I will be teaching you guys how you should start on the Amazon with short and effective manner. Amazon offers many business some of the popular ones are: Drop Shipping with Affiliation E-Store (E-Commerce) AWS Virtual Assistance You will learn about these business in my lecture video below. Business with Fiverr Fiverr is the best for beginners to start in freelancing because all you need to do is to write attractive and catchy gigs and thumbnails according to your skills then client will find you!. One of the biggest reason to start with Fiverr is that if you have average english proficiency then you go start. Best skills to start with…

UI/UX ڇا آهي ۽ ان ۾ فري لانسنگ ڪيئن شروع ڪجي

اسان نئون ڪورس شروع ڪيو آهي جنهن کي UI ڊيزائننگ سڏيو ويندو آهي. هن ڪورس بابت سکو ۽ هڪ مهيني اندر ڪجهه پئسا ڪمائڻ شروع ڪرڻ لاءِ سٺي گرفت ٺاهيو. هن ڪورس ۾ توهان سافٽ ويئر جي يوزر انٽرفيس کي ڊزائين ڪرڻ جي باري ۾ سکندا. هي فيلڊ فري لانسنگ ۾ رجحان ساز مهارتن مان هڪ آهي ۽ 2023 ۾ تمام گهڻو ادا ڪيل آهي. توهان هڪ اسڪرين وڪرو ڪري سگهو ٿا PKR500 کان PKR10,000 تائين! وڌيڪ ليڪچرز لاءِ اسان جي ايپ ڊائون لوڊ ڪريو

What is Freelancing and how to start in 2023?

What is Freelancing and How to start in 2023 What is Freelancing and How to start in 2023. You must heard about freelancing and wonder how people are earning millions from it. Freelancing simply means earn from a skill. I started freelancing as app developer in 2019 by finding my very first client from Facebook. Then expanded my network and enhanced my skills further more and not limited to the app development. In my experience freelancing is sweet tip and a side and flexible earning if you know how to do it. Recently I appeared on some news channel by promoting Free IT Courses for Flood Victims campaign in Sindh, Pakistan. I received almost 2k messages on my WhatsApp and I was shocked the people of Pakistan are still unaware of the freelancing and asking such childish questions!. So I decided to create some guiding videos for them because most of the influencers and YouTubers in Pakistan are miss guiding…