Cloud Mate: A Photo sharing Flutter app

Cloud Mate: A Photo sharing Flutter app
Cloud Mate: A Photo sharing Flutter app

What is Cloud Mate?

Your Cloud Mate is here if you are the photographer in your friend’s circle ? You must had a problem when your friends asked you to share their pictures individually?
Don’t worry! Cloud Mate gives you an opportunity to capture/share images and videos with your friends without huge efforts and even the same quality of your camera also without saving on your device!

Cloud Mate: A Photo sharing Flutter app
Cloud Mate: A Photo sharing Flutter app

About Cloud Mate App

This app is made with Flutter and Getx for state management. I made this project for client for while doing remote freelancing. It took 15days to complete this app on my own. App is available on Google Play Store. It’s also configured and tested on IOS too.

I developed this app using Flutter and MVC coding pattern using Getx which brought me a very smooth experience.

This app is backed by FIrebase cloud to store data and media files uploaded by users. The files are auto deleted after 14days to ensure user privacy and to keep Firebase billing in a limit :).

Cloud Mate offers you

  • Free cloud based images and video sharing.
  • Your Phone Storage will not be used so it means click as many as you can :).
  • All images and videos are shared in a group of selected friends.
  • No image quality is compressed or no quality drop. We keep the same quality of your image to be shared with your friends.
  • Group will be automatically deleted on the time which you will select. Max 14 days is allowed.
  • You can invite your friends with dynamic links to join groups.
  • Your data is yours.

Main Features

  • Camera integrated
  • Group feed according to time remaining.
  • Group creations
  • Dynamic link invitations
  • Friends management
  • Group member management.
  • Media upload and download.

Share memories with loved ones in a secure and private way 🙂

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