What is UI/UX and how to learn? Top 3 highly paid skill

What is UI/UX and how to learn?
What is UI/UX and how to learn?

What is UI/UX and how to learn? Learn about it in my new upcoming free course series

What is UI/UX ?

What is UI/UX and how to learn?

Both belongs to designing field.

User Interface (UI)

a graphical representation which can be viewed by a end user. In simple terms a view which can be viewed at any digital screen.

User Experience (UX)

A way of using the UI with more reliable and satisfying way. Means a design is made to feel good and easy to use according to users. Like if your design will be viewed by group of age greater than 40 then you should be using large font sizes because older people have weak eye sights. So just like that you need to keep in mind that who is going to see or use your design. If you create a design which is satisfying and easy to use that means the UX(User experience) of the UI(User interface) is great!.

How to do freelancing in UI/UX?

You can start learning Figma or Adobe XD tool to create stunning designs. Also you need to learn material designing and all other designing rules and frameworks. In this series we will learn about Designing and prototyping an App or website using Figma.

The UI designing is one of the top trending skills to learn in 2023 and it’s highly paid for freelancers also you can learn it quickly!.

Why you should learn ui/ux designing?

Because it’s one of the highly paid field in freelancing in 2023 you can earn up to $100+ per screen design if your designs are amazing as others!. You can design not only Websites or Apps but presentations and many more using Figma or Adobe XD. This field is growing a way more faster than others because it has prototyping feature which is attracts the client’s interest.

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