Tennis App

A Tennis app made with Flutter

A Tennis app made with Flutter. An app to book a time slot for tennis courts with real time push notifications and email alerts. Tennis App Description The app were developed for android and IOS using Flutter. It has an admin and customer login where admin can add tennis courts and its details also they can cancel/approve any booking made by a customer. Realtime notifications and email alerts are made to directly admin and users to notify who booked the time slot for the playing tennis. App Features (Admin) Login and reset passwords Able to receive/Send notifications and emails to their customers Able to add/update/view/delete a tennis court. Able to cancel/reject a booking. Personalised profile for admin. App Features (Customers) Can Sign up , login and reset passwords Personalised Profiles Push notifications Tennis court booking with respect to time slot Cancel booking View bookings Technical Details of Tennis App App were developed using Flutter and designed with Figma. This project…
How to start with Figma UI/UX designing

How to start with Figma UI/UX designing

Earn $10-50/Screen as a beginner Figma designer in UI/UX designer field! YES YOU HEARD RIGHT $10-50 / SCREEN! How to start with Figma Figma is collaborative tool for UI/UX designing but not only that also you can create your presentations and much more with it. Figma has a free and limited version to start with because Adobe brought them out in $8b in 2022! Figma is popularly known for prototyping your product design for Websites and Apps. It is highly paid freelancing skill and highly demanded in 2023 and it's market is getting strong. Which means more competition and more highly paid jobs you can have. Learning Figma is not that hard all you need to focus on Google's Material Designing. To have an expert sense of the design. For more details please checkout my Zoom lecture on YouTube below. How to start with Figma Beginner Ultimate Guide Checkout more blogs and freelancing tips here.
What is UI/UX and how to learn?

What is UI/UX and how to learn? Top 3 highly paid skill

What is UI/UX and how to learn? Learn about it in my new upcoming free course series What is UI/UX ? What is UI/UX and how to learn? Both belongs to designing field. User Interface (UI) a graphical representation which can be viewed by a end user. In simple terms a view which can be viewed at any digital screen. User Experience (UX) A way of using the UI with more reliable and satisfying way. Means a design is made to feel good and easy to use according to users. Like if your design will be viewed by group of age greater than 40 then you should be using large font sizes because older people have weak eye sights. So just like that you need to keep in mind that who is going to see or use your design. If you create a design which is satisfying and easy to use that means the UX(User experience) of the UI(User…

UI/UX ڇا آهي ۽ ان ۾ فري لانسنگ ڪيئن شروع ڪجي

اسان نئون ڪورس شروع ڪيو آهي جنهن کي UI ڊيزائننگ سڏيو ويندو آهي. هن ڪورس بابت سکو ۽ هڪ مهيني اندر ڪجهه پئسا ڪمائڻ شروع ڪرڻ لاءِ سٺي گرفت ٺاهيو. هن ڪورس ۾ توهان سافٽ ويئر جي يوزر انٽرفيس کي ڊزائين ڪرڻ جي باري ۾ سکندا. هي فيلڊ فري لانسنگ ۾ رجحان ساز مهارتن مان هڪ آهي ۽ 2023 ۾ تمام گهڻو ادا ڪيل آهي. توهان هڪ اسڪرين وڪرو ڪري سگهو ٿا PKR500 کان PKR10,000 تائين! وڌيڪ ليڪچرز لاءِ اسان جي ايپ ڊائون لوڊ ڪريو