This is how I started my Career in Software Engineering

This is how I started my Career in Software Engineering

Career in Software Engineering

The word Impossible itself says I.M Possible you know why?

Here is my story I started my career in IT with R61 Laptop which didn’t had a battery either! Portable keyboard and core duo never thought I will achieve such a great success!
I was just passionate about computers since my childhood in a small village no one knew about the computer was a thing in 2008. The computer revolution lies on three:

  • Reduce the Cost
  • Reduce the Size
  • Improve the Performance

So I took those seriously 😐 and made my way into IT as a Software Engineer! Now I have many laptops and clients all over the world paying me hourly and for technical consultancy. I never thought I would be like the way I m now. Key point for my quick growth in 5 years was keep evolving with new tech and challenging the old ways of thinking..

I learn about web designing first to create stunning websites. I developed few websites for free for my friends who were doing some business to gain the business and face the challenges. After getting a success in web designing I moved to Full Stack Web development to create fully function websites again I did same I upgraded the websites of my friends which I made. This wasn’t enough for me cause I m very enthusiastic about learning new things so I jumped on android app development and again I nailed it I made apps for free to maintain my online presences. Once I reached out on certain level I started grabbing some work online and you will be amaze to know I started from the Facebook! Yeah joining Fiverr or Upwork is very challenging for beginners second you won’t get highly paying clients there. So I started repeating the same process and landed on many jobs and countless freelancing projects even though I because stakeholder for some of my client’s products!. So all you need is a passion to start with!

Never forget from what you have started!

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