The Babies needs your help in Pakistan

Surah Al-Inshirah (94:5-6):

“For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.”

Meet my baby Yusra. She were born in 28th week and were in NICU for 44days.
There were many ups and downs she were facing, all the doctors lost the hope in her and waiting for her to give up. However god had different plans for her and no doubt she was so little but never gave up on her life while suffering from apnea , pneumonia and without functional lungs.

I have learned two things from her struggle for her life:

First, If she who has no idea and totally weak, got nothing in hands and mind but still NOT GIVING UP! Then why should we give up?

Second, I had resources to save my child but unfortunately among 241.4m people 47.4% can’t afford to save their children because they can’t afford expensive private hospitals and the government hospital don’t have facilities to save them.

The Babies needs your help in Pakistan

I was amazed to know when I visited Government Hospitals for children and I saw very limited resources 4 vents and approximate 60 bed space with population of 1,968,000(Marcotrends) people and avg birth of 100-700 babies / week, had no basic facilities! Even private hospital had bigger space and equipments which were also owned by some govt officials no doubt in that too!

There were crying mothers and desperate fathers carrying their babies in their laps for treatment because there were no beds and resources, they were sitting at footpath because lack of space in hospital which triggered many stories there. I asked the management I need a vent and other services here they said

Bring the patient if your voice is heavy then you will avail

It means if you have the power and money we will facilitate you and remove the one who don’t have!

So I refused to save my child by killing another and gone for the private hospitals. As I had the resources to save my child.

Here is the part where mostly we become hypocrite and decide to ditch the other one. Because thats the emotional hell or trial by the god and we fail mostly here which case distress and distrust among the People.

During 45days of period I did study and did little bit researched about the our beloved country’s government that how much and authentic facilities they are providing and summary of that is crystal clear!

Pakistan is one of the countries that has the highest mortality rate for children under-five, surpassing the global rate of 37 deaths per 1000 birth lives

This is one of the article which shows the data and there are many of them.
These are the reasons I concluded which is the major reason of lack of the resources!

Corruption and no Merit

The government is totally corrupted they have eaten the funds of the hospital and there is no accountability or quality control. If someone has some authority will avail the services because they have the power to speak up and expose them so they provide facilities to them so that they can save their secret of corruption. Some doctors who just have degree are shitting** on the seats where they don’t deserve.

Private Hospitals for Babies

We are thankful for the individuals who thought to provide the services which government can’t but they are only doing just because of business as long as you pay well you will save your baby no matter your baby is healthy or not. Because they need to extract as much as they can from you and you don’t understand the doctors language and you pay them! Also they have huge part in lacking the resources in government hospital because they pay them to be doomed so that more customers they can have!

  • They purchase the equipments from the individuals who handle the government hospital fundings and management at black.
  • The government doctor spends most of time in the private hospitals to earn more and not fulfilling his/her duty at the government hospital.


Government spends billions on nutrition control or I say Government begs billions for malnutrition and still people are suffering. These 45days I was observing other cases at the hospital specially in babies most of them were 28,29th weeker there were total approximate 72 babies born during that period and most of them were below 30th weeker. I asked from the specialists what is the cause of that they said :

Malnutrition , junk food and specially the toxic grocery items which are being developed by individuals without any proper registration of company and analysis!

You will find many unregistered cold drinks , mineral water , spices and other ingredients in Pakistan and those are not processed through the food inspection so what the hell is that department is doing why government is paying them higher salaries they should shut it down and save that money to pay the debt!

The reason why I haven’t mentioned those hospitals and individuals here because if I do then many needy and honest people will lose their jobs and many needy patient will lose some little services they are having at the hospital.

As I recall my family legacy in health department they donated 3acres of land to the government in our villages to establish a good hospital and those hospitals are providing basic facilities and giving birth avg 20-70 babies in a week without proper equipment so its clear to me what’s happening to major cities and why it is happening.

As you guys know me I have started a rural IT School and many of you have supported my cause and we successfully trained few students who has started earning from freelancing in their villages. So now I want to provide basic health facilitation to our interior Pakistan starting from my village I searched all the equipment which is required for babies like incubator , vents , CPAP and others so if you can help my cause then please reach me out on my social sites or email me.


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