How to do Freelancing as a Broker

Freelancing as a broker
Freelancing as a broker
How to do Freelancing as a Broker


How to do Freelancing as a Broker is one of the leading category you will find in 2024 because most of the people don’t have skills and wants to earn quickly. So I thought to design an course about it that How can you be a professionally a broker or a middleman in Freelancing.

What is a Broker?

A person who connects or transact the service between buyer and a seller. Which means you can take clients for a Niche and share the contract with another parties as a middleman. Likewise the most famous Freelancing brokers are Upwork and Fiverr. These are nothing but a firm of brokers who onboards the seller to look for a buyer and charge for their services from both side.

In simpler terms you become a medium between buyer and seller.

How Broker earns?

Broker is one of the persuasive and sales skills which is entirely based on communication skills and analytics of market. They are the ones who develops policies for business and controls the buyer and seller.

Its neither the Freelancer nor the Clients who wins the real winner is the broker who charges commissions from both these guys while they do the job.

Suppose you find a client who needs an app to be developed for his/her business and you know a friend of yours who is a good mobile app developer then here is what you will do:

You will take charge from client and understand the requirements. After that you will reach out your developer to ask his fees. As budget and duration is mutually decided then you will sign up contract with both parties to provide secure transaction and transparent deal and you will charge a commission from both.
Let’s say the budget is $1,000 and you are charging 20% from both which means you will get $400 from the deal!. Thats how these platforms do.

Course Content

I have divided this course into chapters. I have chosen Mobile App Development niche for this course because that’s where I m good at.

You will learn about these topics through out the course:

  • What is a Broker?
  • How you can become a freelancer?
  • Why Mobile App development?
  • Strategies to find buyer and seller.
  • Key points to grab buyer’s attention as a broker.
  • How to manage projects
  • App store polices
  • Google Play polices.
  • International Standards.

All of the lectures will be uploaded to my YouTube channel subscribe for notifications and I will be writing blogs as well on by website as well.


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