Best in demand framework of mobile app development

Mobile App development frameworks
Mobile App development frameworks
Best in demand framework of mobile app development

What is a Framework?

A framework is a container of precompiled and preset solutions for time consuming tasks. Which means it will have basic implementation done by experts.

Choosing a best framework increases the speed of app development and scales it to next level. That is why you should choose a framework.

In order to compete in the market you have to adapt changes and learn new technologies which should save time, cost and efforts to develop an app.

Framework in Demand

These two frameworks are rapidly growing and create more opportunities in the market.

React Native

A senior framework with huge community developed and backed by Facebook. It uses JavaScript, HTML and CSS languages to develop an app.

All over react native is a pro player in cross platform app development only having few lacks in user experience and speed.


A rapidly growing framework developed by Google. It uses Dart programming language only which means single codebase framework which is huge plus point in competition over React Native because it has rapid development architecture which means you can develop an app 2x faster than React Native with Flutter.

Apart from that Flutter has most beautiful user experience based on Google Material Design and Cupertino Widgets. Flutter is super fast to develop, learn and in performance which is the best competitive key elements agains React Native.

Read more about this course here.


Best way to find out the pro player is to compare them. Here are key elements from my experience.

Key PointFlutterReact Native
Development CommunityGrowing on scalesMature and Huge.
User ExperienceBestAverage
Experience required to learnBasic ProgrammingIntermediate experience in Web development
using HTML/CSS an JavaScript
Programming Languages13
Platforms Stabilities
(Web, Android, iOS, Desktop)
Average on Web best on restAverage on apps best on rest.
Comparison between React Native and Flutter


To be in competition of app development Flutter standout the React Native due to its performance, easiness of rapid development and more enhanced user experiences. If you are targeting app development you should go with Flutter it is easy to learn and code also its the Future of Cross Platform app development.


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