A Tennis app made with Flutter

Tennis App
Tennis App

A Tennis app made with Flutter. An app to book a time slot for tennis courts with real time push notifications and email alerts.

Tennis App Description

The app were developed for android and IOS using Flutter. It has an admin and customer login where admin can add tennis courts and its details also they can cancel/approve any booking made by a customer. Realtime notifications and email alerts are made to directly admin and users to notify who booked the time slot for the playing tennis.

App Features (Admin)

  • Login and reset passwords
  • Able to receive/Send notifications and emails to their customers
  • Able to add/update/view/delete a tennis court.
  • Able to cancel/reject a booking.
  • Personalised profile for admin.

App Features (Customers)

  • Can Sign up , login and reset passwords
  • Personalised Profiles
  • Push notifications
  • Tennis court booking with respect to time slot
  • Cancel booking
  • View bookings

Technical Details of Tennis App

App were developed using Flutter and designed with Figma. This project were led by Abul Kalam himself with 2 person team. Project management and tracking were monitored and maintained on Github. Project had 3 phases/milestones:

MilestoneDurationClosed By
UI design with Figma2daysAsghar Ali
Figma to Flutter as Pixel perfect3daysShahzaib Mari
Flutter backend with Firebase1dayAbul Kalam
Milestone and work division table.

Technologies and Framework

Technology & MethodologiesUsed For
FlutterApp development for android and IOS
FirebaseApp backend
FigmaApp UI/UX Designing
GetxFramework for state management in Flutter
MVCFor project and development management.
GithubProject management and collaboration
Technologies and Methodologies applied

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